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Herukajon (UK) DJ Set 1 @ ARRIRI 2017
Team Badass: Thalia & Digital Dream – part 1/3 @ ARRIRI 2017

International Full Moon Gathering

A true celebration of positivity and creativity, drenched in Sicilian sun. A gathering of consciousness from around the world, unified by a refreshing mix of music styles. Soundscape your body and reconnect with the elements in the beautiful, magical Valley of Arriri.

The Music

Arriri boasts three Music Stages Featuring International DJs, Live Acts, Sound Healing sessions, Live Instruments as well as Surround Sound with Music Composed Exclusively for ARRIRI. Music styles include minimal house, trance, techno, dub, psytrance, electronic and experimental.

Festival Info

Special attractions found in the magical valley: 
Immersive Sound Healing Sessions
World’s Largest Symphonic Gong
Healthy Breakfast with Fresh Home Made Ricotta
Camping with Mountain Views (3 nights)
Excursions into Prehistoric Nature
Guided Bicycle Tours  
Swimming Pool / Children’s Pool
Guided Shamanic Cave Experience in the Prehistoric UNESCO site of Pantalica
Healing Therapy Sessions
Children’s Area
Creative Workshops
Spring Water Rivers

Please visit Arriri’s website for more details on the festival, the line up, the workshops, the performances, etc.

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