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Psy/Dub @ Merkaba Sundays (excerpt)
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Psychedelic Warrior

Digital Dub aka Paul Robbertse started producing music when he was just 14 years old. He attended his first Psy Trance party in 1998 and inspired by such mind-blowing music, he started producing his own music. He has been a Psychedelic Warrior with a passion for psytrance and psydub ever since. 

Digital Dream

Johannesburg, 2001. DJing as ‘Digital Dream’ at what were later referred to as the founding psychedelic parties. Teknotribe, Mushroom Mafia, Lunertech and Redeye were at the forefront of the psychedelic scene, and Digital Dream was smashing all the dance floors to smithereens.


Digital Dreams was signed to Zulutunes as one of their first artists on the label in 2011 . Today, Digital Dream is one of South Africa’s leading Hitech producers. Fusing his intricate knowledge of sound with his classical musical training and guitar-playing, he creates melodic high-energy music that echoes through all corners of the galaxies. He also writes Psychedelic Trance and Ambient, and has written tracks with Dirty Saffi, Sychotria and Zer, as well as locally with Dugga and DredLokkWarrior. 

He released his first album Lucid in Limbo in 2014 on Zulutunes, and has had tracks released on various Zulutunes  compilations, as well as on the swiss label Digital Shamans. 

South Africa: Live

Digital Dub and Digital Dream are a regular feature on South African festival line-ups, playing Live and DJ sets. He has played at countless productions and events including Mozamboogy, Zulutunes, Teknotribe, Mansion Records, Gypsy, Lightworkx, Fu-Cha Gatherings, Earthdance, Red Eye, Twilight, Tswaing Crater Gathering, Revolution, Jalarupa and more. Internationally they played at the Arriri festival Sicily, Italy.

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