The Baron of MishMash



Acid Sunrise – ARRIRI 2018 Promo Mix


“Deep grooves, acid mazes and hypnotic melodies sprinkled with a good dose of spookiness.”


Born in France in the Town of Cholet The Baron Of MishMash grew up in a musician family. His father’s eclectic combination of classical, blues and obscure varieties became infused with his own love of hip-hop, electronica and dance music. But the real epiphany was when he arrived in London and started spinning the decks, discovering the real underground electronic music. A decade and a half later, The Baron Of MishMash has played in some of the biggest club and parties in London. 


The Baron Of MishMash is very much an underground DJ first-and-foremost, while helped by a great musical knowledge and the ability to play across a wide range of musical genres. His skills behind the decks have led him to win the Cyberdog 2002 DJ competition as well as playing alongside the likes of X-Dream, Bizarre Contact, Cosmosis, Polaris, Ultra Voice, Dave The Drummer, Biri night, The Geezer and many more. Never shy of surprising, his sets stand out by their uniqueness both by the energy and the variety of its tune selections. 

“ To me, playing is my way of communicating my feelings. I want to take you on a journey… from my soul to yours. It’s all about the groove, the atmosphere so that when you enter the dancefloor, you don’t leave before the end of my set”


The Baron Of MishMash is currently part of Discretion London, London based events brand with residency at EGG Club committed to darker underground sounds, progressive labels & forward thinking emerging artists.

You can listen to The Baron Of MishMash playing with DJ Tchie and guests every Saturday on the 7 Sins Show  on RPL radio 3pm -5pm (French time)

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