Bedders Progressive Spring 2017  (Full DJ mix)
Chrysalid 2015 mix (Excerpt)

Epic Groovy Fun

Psychedelic Progressive Trance, House and Techno. Deep, playful, epic and groovy fun for all the family.

Having been involved with Psychedelic events since 1999 when he first landed in London, Bedders a.k.a. Mark Bedford (formerly ‘Bedouin’) was drawn to the progressive and morning styles of psychedelic trance. As a keen collector of the music he fell in love with psychedelic progressive trance and techno sounds coming out of Scandanavia, Israel, Switzerland and Germany.

Further Progressions 

In 2006 Bedders started DJing for the Israeli Progressive label Domo Records under the great DJ Nadi and became one of the most regularly booked progressive DJs in and around London, in a very exciting time for progressive psychedelic trance music.

He then went on to join forces with his partner in crime Hamish and helped with the forming of Furthur Progressions Records, the UK’s only psychedelic progressive label. The label was launched with the VA ‘London Landscapes’, which reached number one on Beatport and has since been followed up by a second edition. 

Sunshine & Smiles 

Bedders has experienced playing to some mind blowing dancefloors, with Universo Paralello, Boom Festival, Hadra Festival and Glade all at the top of his list, alongside amazing UK parties from the likes of Liquid, Wildthings, Crysalid, Acid monkey, Elixir and Omniscience! He is known for selecting tracks thoughtfully and in a way that leave the crowd fully satisfied and engaged. Sunshine and smiles all the way!

Allaby & Bedders: Meansun

When Allaby was touring the dunes of the Wadi Rum, he stumbled across a kind Bedouin by the name of ‘Bedders’ who he gave six pieces of gold for his services. An alliance was forged. Now they tour the world solving crimes and providing huge sun drenched sounds for progressive dance floors wherever they roam. (Bedders still accepts pieces of gold.)

(MEANSUN: Released on Iboga Records, 5 August 2017)

London Landscapes on Beatport

London Landscapes 2 on Beatport

Further Progressions Records on Beatport
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