ARRIRI 2018 Promo Mix


Plantstep is the Psy project of Angelo Velardi. He was born in 1992 and he studies medicine. Angelo approaches to Psy-trance at the age of 15, fascinated by the Infected Mushrooms. In the following years a much more attentive and refined listening begins in 2012 when he decides to starts playing this fantastic music. He plays around the Sicily, in cities like Trapani, Agrigento, Messina.


In December 2014 he starts to plays for the Reflex Reality, a nascent project of young Sicilian fans of this fantastic music. The group begins to organize evenings acquiring an ever-increasing following.
IN 2015, Plantstep played the opening set on the Saturday night of Etna Goa Burning. He played after Parasect at the event of the “Mercati Generali” in Catania. He participated at the Euforia and he played with names such as “Ilai” and “Ixindamix”.

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