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Imry is a Progressive Trance producer originally from Italy, now residing in the UK. His musical journey started in the early 90’s when trance, hardcore and techno were changing  the way music was listened to. His early love of Hardcore made way for Psytrance, and once Imry relocated to London the Imry Project was born, embodying his captivating progressive style.


One 2010 performance at the Shattered Barriers in London marked the start of an global demand and Imry started performing internationally at the cK Festival (Tenerife, Spain), Sundance Boutique (Turkey), Life Celebration (Croatia), Psyboutique (Turkey), Underground Wave (Milan), Tribal Village (London).

“Progression is a fundamental element in nature, as well as music”

Imry’s debute as a producer came in 2014. His first remix of Omsphere’s track “A World Without End”, followed by a VA “ Reawakening vol 4”, were both released on Free-Spirit Records and entered the charts. Imry made his name on the progressive scene because of his music selection and the sequence that the tracks are played. You can really understand his concept, listening to his production …  where the grooves and melodies melt, to create a deep sentimental progression.

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