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Andy Mason hosts the Psytrance room on the Kundalini Experience. This show is a special – “A shot in the dark” Northumberland Castle Party set, with a very special guest who dropped into the studio: Mental Broadcast…

PART 1: Andy Mason at the Castle Party (1st hr)
PART 2: Andy Mason at the Castle Party (2nd hr)
PART 3: Mental Broadcast

About Andy

Andy Mason is a producer & one of the UK’s longest serving psytrance DJ’s. He became resident at the legendary London Kundalini parties in 1995 & quickly established himself as a favorite amongst artists, promoters & partygoers. Over the last 24 years he has played hundreds of parties & festivals in Europe & beyond as both DJ & producer. His ability to bring a unique energy to the dance-floor with his seamless mixing & choice of music never fails to deliver…

As a producer Andy has had many solo & collaborative releases in various projects since the early days, including Spun Records & numerous Kundalini Records albums. In 2014 his Manana’s Bananas compilation became a worldwide number 1, gaining a massive response. In 2015 his About Time EP again hit number 1, which spawned a massive Gaudi remix to the Stormfront track with Aphid Moon. His new album is currently being cooked in his native Manchester studio, with several collaborations & solo tracks lined up for release later in the year.

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