Interview with Tristan



1 – As a pioneer shaping the UK Sound of Psy-trance, how would you describe
the scene now in the UK ?
The scene in the UK is very healthy with so many quality artists from
several different Psytrance labels. The outdoor party scene has always
been difficult due to the noise complaints issue, although there is
the Noisily Festival which has taken over from the Glade. The squat
party scene and the clubs have seemed to lead the way in the UK. And
of course the Inspiral nights are always top quality!

2 – You have been the only resident Psy-trance artist of Inspiral Events over 5 years. These sold out events often smaller venue and earlier hours than your usual. Can you tell us how this all started and when is the next one?
Aliji organised the Inspiral nights and he’s been a friend of mine
for a very long time. Somehow we decided to do a Psy-trance night there
and it was such a big success we just carried on and went from
strength to strength.

3 – You have a long successful career over 20 years. What is your secret ?
I love what I do. I have never compromised and I’ve been very lucky in my career choice.

4 – What state of your mind works best for you in the studio? Do you write better music when you are happy and inspired, or does melancholy work better for you?
You need energy to write psy-trance music and I always approach it
with enthusiasm. To be honest I’m a pretty happy person most of the
time and I want to make people happy on the dance floor so I have to
put that vibe into the music.

5 – You are one of the few artist we see on the dance floor as much as we see on stage, if not more. Who is your favourite artist to dance to ?
All artists at Nano Records including Avalon and laughing Buddha and
Master Blasters. And DJ Dickster and Dj Nigel are my two favourites.

6 – Is it true that you used to be a kick box instructor? Do you currently do sports and if so which sport and how often?
Yes I practised and competed and then coached at a club. I don’t actually ever go to the gym but I still have a physically active lifestyle and I think that’s very important.

7 – Do you think music can be utilised as a tool to manifest positive social change?
I think music has been revolutionary since the beginning of time. The
dance music revolution certainly shook things up in the early 90s and
of course the psychedelic revolution of the 60s wouldn’t have been the
same without its amazing soundtrack.

8 – Some people say psychedelic trance is escapist and lacks the spirit of activism that many fuelled the roots of many underground movements. What do you think?
Escaping from what exactly. Reality? Ordinary state of consciousness?
It may lack the political activism of other movements but it certainly has the higher aim of elevating one’s mind and in some ways that’s the ultimate goal. That’s what psychedelics are designed to do.

9 – If there was one thing about the world you could change, what would it be?
Elevate everyone’s consciousness which might just give peace (and trance) a chance!! 🙂

10 – If your music was a life sentence, what would that be?
A Life sentence – 25 years with no parole!!!

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