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He’s everybody’s favourite psychedelic uncle – the gentle soul we’ve all come to know and love as Giuseppe. Last week we spoke to Arjuna who said the success of Parvati Records was down to this ‘very sweet and serious giant.’ Last year’s 15th anniversary at MO:DEM marked a rare milestone for a label in a scene of this niche. And big G just keeps on strolling – mostly on the wild side. He’s actually bracing himself for you crazy London cats right now – hope you’re ready for some big city MO:DEM love…

Guiseppe spoke to Anu Sharma ahead of MO:DEM festival’s London party:

Anu: Hello uncle G!! Great to re-connect. How the devil are you?

Giuseppe: Hello! Great to re-connect indeed 🙂  I am very fine, cannot complain at all.

Anu: We spoke to Arjuna last week actually… He was saying the Goa vibe is kicking ass this year. I take it you guys had fun? What was your favourite moment there this season?

Giuseppe: Yes, I also just arrived back to Europe after spending five and half months in Goa where we definitely had some great times. One of my favourite moments of this season has been the Derango party. Everything felt right and it was the first time he performed his live set in Goa.

Anu: So…! Soon it will be London time with the MO:DEM fiesta where you will discover a few crazy British people! Are you excited or scared? What do you think of the big bright city – is London loveable?

Giuseppe: I am very happy to come back to London and especially for this event, the Modem Teaser. Yes, London crowd is used to crazy parties and is also an experienced crowd when it comes to psy-trance so I will have to manage to take them by surprise with my set!

Anu: Random question: where on the earth do you get your strength Guiseppe? We’ve just checked your schedule and you are hopping across the planet between gigs like a nutter… What keeps you sane? Do you meditate or practice yoga? How do you keep it together while walking on the wild side?

Giuseppe: Yes, I am very much on the road travelling from country to country, the energy for me comes from all the places and the party people I meet in my travels and their passion for the music and so I am still excited to go as I was 10 years ago!

Anu: There’s no doubt you’ve done something very special with the label because it’s allowed you to achieve a mass following in a niche market… What’s the secret?

Giuseppe: Not a big secret: just believe in what you do and never surrender!!!!

Anu: Now let’s talk about artists and projects! Which upcoming Parvati artists should we look out for? What projects are in the pipeline for release this year?

Giuseppe: We have a new project and will be releasing an EP very soon… Obelisk is the name of this collaboration between Ectogasmics and greek producer Darkshire/Kokobloko. Watch out for this! And many more releases on the way for this year too 🙂 .

Anu: Actually – your partner – the amazing Betina – has played a discreet yet powerful role from behind the scenes of Parvati. Your story together is very inspiring indeed…

Giuseppe: I am very lucky to have a partner who supports me and works with me to make all this possible! We have passion for the same kind of things so I guess that’s one of the reasons!

Anu: And finally – if there is anything you could change or do differently over the last 16 years, what would it be?

Giuseppe: Nothing really – one of my mottos has always been: no regrets – just look forward!

Words by @AnuKi008

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