Pure Tone Orchestra @ Inavision 14/10

Youth Presents: The Pure Tone Orchestra

Live @ Inavision London, 14/10/2016


An Orchestra born on top of mountain under a full moon. Its members from across the globe unified by Youth’s cause – to use Pure Tone Resonating frequencies to complement their virtuoso abilities as musicians. As a result the impact of the orchestras soundstage is metaphysical. Celestial vocals, ancient healing sounds, razor sharp electronic beats and a customary flick of the plec to the London rock and punk scene make this experience one not to be missed.


A synergy of sound and visuals melted together with the Pure Tone Orchestra on the 14th of October.The effect of the Orchestra’s resonating frequencies combined with the 3D immersive visuals by 1000 errors could be summed up in one word. Metaphysical.

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