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Groove Design – AiOwave Exclusive mix


Groove design, also known as DJ Emiliano, started his long running career at the age of 16 in Naples South Italy.
Since then he has always been a pure representative of the Underground Electronic Movement and Culture and an ambassador of these values in the world.

His unique energy, communicated through his deep, powerful grooves, intense and dark at times, emerges evidently in his way of approaching Electronic/Club Music, where Techno is just the starting point of this exploration.
His vast background brings forth New Wave,Punk and Gothic influences, which are carved in this matrix and masterfully crafted to create a complete 4D psychedelic experience.

We now find him back in London, the place where he says he feels to belong. Here he has moved one step forward into production, becoming involved with SubBubble Recordings, a London based underground label. At the same time he has started to perform for very well known international Festivals including Sonica, Ozora, Psy-Boutique; as well as incredible Club realities such as Scatology (Naples), Elixir of Life (London), InSpiral (London). With his 25 years djing experience he smoothly balances the shift toward Progressive and Psy-Trance with his solid Detroit Techno roots, giving once again birth to a hybrid, hedgy sub genre which he likes to call Psychedelic Techno.

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