Journeys (Full DJ Mix)

Genres: Melodic Techno / Dub-Techno / Tech-House

Ryan aka FlutterByOne originates from the London suburbs where the music is as dusty as the streets. After relocating to Bristol, the city of heavy basslines and shimmering psychedelic sounds, his own bass & garage influenced blend of tech-house began to evolve, with labels such as 2MR2 Records, Basilar Records & Gibbon Records picking up on this.


A regular performer in the underground club scene and the UK festival circuit, FlutterByOne is now working on bringing fresh new talent to the surface through the Dachshund Records label, along with some hot new tunes of his own for Summer 2018. His sets will always take you on an eclectic journey through the realms of progressive and highly-rhythmic electronic music, and this is no better demonstrated than in his “Journeys” mix.

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