Slavaki – ‘Slavaki’ Double Album Teaser (2018) 
Slavaki – ‘Daydreaming’ Album Teaser (2017) 

“Daydreaming”  (2×12″ album)

After putting out a string of brilliant singles and EP’s in the past few years, Slavaki released his first artist album “Daydreaming”. It’s hard to believe it’s taken him 7 years since the first release, to come up with the idea of releasing a ”full-length”. No wonder, tracks have gotten time-tested, and have been carefully selected out of over 10 continuous hours of material written in the period between the year 2011 and 2015. Out on artists home label Elusive at the beginning of 2016 on limited 2×12″ vinyl, CD and digital. This album is another peek into Slavaki’s ever-expanding chest of musical treasures that never seems to fail to surprise. Skip forward: May 2018. Slavaki releases the self titled album ‘Slavaki’, a limited edition double-CD, in a hand-stamped recycled card sleeve. Spread between the “Sun” and the “Moon” discs, a total of 119 minutes of Slavaki’s wild, enigmatic, original music! 

“Slavaki”  (double CD album)



London based recording artist, dj/producer, Elusive Records label owner, Slavaki combines organic and synthetic elements to create his minimalist sound that is groovy and functional, and yet beautifully soulful. His releases found favour with numerous people of distinguished musical taste, and got hailed by artists as diverse as Slam, Ekkohouse, Silicone Soul, Brother’s Vibe, Agoria, Ziggy Kinder, Mihai Popoviciu, Acid Pauli, Miss Jools, Alexi Delano, Tom Dazing, Pascal Feos, Chris Carrier, Terry Francis to name but a few and found praise on the pages of De:bug, Ibiza-Voice, Klubbers, and radio stations such as Paris One Radio, Freaks Radio Show, Ibiza Global Radio, Medellinstyle and Radio DEEJAY.

Summer 2012 saw Slavaki performing at his first festivals, Natural Rhythm in the UK and KaZantip festival in Crimea. Highlights of 2013 are highly acclamed U Know That U Know EP on Elusive records and unforgettable performace at legendary Sanchez’s Thursdays at Propaganda club Moscow. 

In April 2014 Slavaki performed his first live show, which was also video-broadcast live from Studio R in Berlin, followed by release of underground chart topping Change Your Mind EP. End of 2015 sees release of Korablove’s new Autochromee EP featuring Slavaki’s remix. After a number of singles and EPs, Slavaki’s full length album is set to be released at the beginning of 2016.



When it comes to mastering audio I recommend anyone at least trying Analogue Summing. Elusive records use the technique on almost all releases because of the difference in separation, clarity and depth you get, comparing to your “in the box” mixes, is just incredible.


  • Antelope Audio ORION32 audio interface
  • Tonelux OTB16 summing mixer
  • 1976 Midas CR01 pre/inductor EQ
  • Neve 33609 precision stereo compressor/limiter
  • Alice 828 mixer
  • Tascam DA-3000 DSD/PCM master recorder

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