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Liminal Roots – Dusk Dunes


A student of art and an avid explorer of the world of dreams, Liminal Roots’ Ashwin Menon is a wonderful ambient speck in our universe.

Having made his mark at beach parties, Liminal Roots has gone to play marathon sets at various festivals and venues in and around Asia, Africa & Europe. Gathering vibes by playing with the sun and the stars, chillout sets at outdoor venues is where he is at peace.

Liminal Roots

Smiling from ear to ear

From dark rooms to the outdoor fields, his journey has had a gradual yet emphatic curve. His relationships with large festival platforms saw him push his DJ set to international levels from 2009 onwards. Playing eclectic, downtempo sets at festivals in Portugal and amidst the Himalayas, all the way to the Saharan desert has allowed him to gather a group of avid listeners and chillout lovers. Aiming for an amazing experience of sounds and emotions, Ashwin travels with his sound stories all over world, always experimenting with different chill sounds. He thrives on transporting people into far off soundscapes and loves getting his listeners warmed up, chilled out, groovy and smiling from ear to ear!


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