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Monk Dust

SH101 & Atari

Kuba is the brainchild of UK producer Laurence Harvey. Laurence started playing guitar at 8 years old, and formed his first band “BTM” in 1992. He started experimenting with electronic music from the age of 14, getting to work with an SH101 synth & and Atari computer. Having worked in various studios with his band, it was a natural progression for him to set up a studio himself.

Within a couple of years of writing in the studio he was able to play bass, drums, piano, sitar and flute. From then he took off on his own to produce his own music, expressing himself on a full range of instruments and forming his own sound which draws on a wide range of influences from psychedelic music through to bands like massive attack, Fourtet, John Martyn to name but a few. 
He is exploring a range of genres that include dub, electronica, psychedelic, ambient and many more.

Mana Medicine 

Laurence’s first published work was on a Liquid Sound compilation in 2001 “Mana Medecine” for which he did collaborations with Youth, Humphrey Bacchus & Nigel Watson (Opus 3). He then went on to collaborate with Michele Adamson (Shpongle) and Russell Davies, son of Kinks founder member Dave Davies. They produced a trio of tracks for Zulu Lounge Records (Mexico) which received great acclaim around the world.

This lead to the birth of KUBA and the release of his debut album “Inside out” on Liquid Sound Design, record label of veteran producer Youth (Killing Joke/The ORB). In the 6 years since releasing this album Kuba has released a further four albums on Chillcode records, and built a devoted following of fans globally which has seen him perform at countless festivals and parties worldwide.

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