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Gabriel Le Mar – Puretone Resonate Beatless mix

Exploring Electronic Music with a Dub Mindset

Gabriel Le Mar is a music producer, living in Frankfurt/Germany, releasing electronic music with a special focus on deep DubTech sounds, Dub inspired Techno and Electronica. His mission remains the same today: exploring electronic music with a dub mindset. 

With an open mind and always in a search for fresh musical experiences, Gabriel Le Mar likes to integrate himself in different artistic constellations with project pseudonyms such as Saafi Brothers and Aural Float  into ambient, space and experimental sound scapes…

On his albums Gabriel produced tracks which are tailored for the dub inspired clubber, combining different playful approaches of Dub with the functionality and stringency of techhouse music. Bridges are built by energetic and minimalistic grooves.


Different Artistic Constellations

With an open mind and always in a search for fresh musical experiences, Gabriel Le Mar likes to integrate himself in different artistic constellations with project pseudonyms such as Saafi Brothers and Aural Float into ambient, space and experimental sound scapes… 

Next to his music projects Gabriel also works with Aural Float on audiovisual concepts: as a team they did the artistic supervision of SPACENIGHT, a prototype of a TV-concept, utilizing spectacular film- and documentary footage from outer space with music made on earth. A spacy sound to accompany the viewer for hours in space. SpaceNight became a success on german television and soon reached cult status among the young night watchers until today. Deep space in the wee hours – on air since 1996. End-of-Days sound for the next generation. 

In the following years Gabriel Le Mar received wide acclaim for his genre crossing dub to leftfield  productions with Saafi Brothers, Aural Float and solo.

Gabriel keeps on making waves.

With a mixture of reggae influenced dub, house and deep dubtechno sounds, he creates a unique connection with his new project Dublocation. In his coop with Dr. Motte Gabriel steps on a new ground releasing electronic dance music with a special focus on the various colours of Techno. Their releases Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar brings together elements of both ends of the Techno/Electronica spectrum, lovingly creating the pure aspects of dance.

Expect deep + soulful Live+DJ-sets on the floor… Gabriel Le Mar knows how to connect DubTechno elements with Techno into an energetic mix, powered by highly experimental overdubs, played live by Gabriel. 

Both solo as well as with his own projects, Gabriel Le Mar appeared at festivals like Tribal Gathering (UK & Panama), Ozora, Hadra, Fusion, Time Warp, Vision, Re:works, Roskilde, Sziget…  


(Photos by F. Geiger)


Aural Float: Interlude I
Aphex Twin: Stone In Focus 
Global Communication: 14:31 (Reload Remix)
Mass Roman: Everyone Has It Now
Subsonic Park: First Cause
Hirotaka Miyamoto: Lake Side On The Moon 1
Octex: Valley Of Excursion
Gabriel Le Mar: Dubster Beatless
Gabriel Le Mar: Ich Fühl Mich Frei (Beatless) 
Gabriel Le Mar: Science-Tiction
Aural Float: Still Here – beatless instrumental
Christoph Schindling: Sugar Mountain
Gabriel Le Mar: Ambient Jam
Umek: Profile Lost (Djuma Soundsystem Beatless Version)
Stephen Lopkin: Wee Jock
Subsonic Park: Rain Machine
Subsonic Park: Inner City Codes (beatless)
Steve Hillage: Resurface
Dr. Motte Meets Gabriel Le Mar: La Luna (Beatless Mix)
Subsonic Park: Signs Of Life
Ascii.Disko: Death Is Birth
Saafi Brothers: Summer Travel (Gradual Transition Beatless Mix)
Saafi Brothers: Touched By An Angel
Kilowatts: Lost In Vibration

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