Darren Sangita


World Fusion, Ambient Electronica, Ethnotronic, Indofusion, Indian Electronica, Global Fusion


Dama Dam Mast Qalandar (Ecstatic Qalandar Mix)

Indigenous Technological Wizardry

Since the early 90’s he has united music and culture by working with International classical & folk musicians and technological wizards of the aural arts. He has worked with indigenous musicians and poets from India, Iran, Morocco, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Senegal, Oman and Syria.  During the mid 1990’s he was label manager of Dragonfly records, the UK’s first Goa Trance label and developed his production skills while assisting artists such as Shpongle, System7, The Orb, Dub Trees and Celtic Cross at Butterfly studios which belonged to Grammy Award winning producer Youth.

Sangita Sounds

In 2000, Darren founded Sangita Sounds, an open collective of like minded artists who are dedicated to co-creating a peaceful future of human unity through the power of Music and the Arts. As a producer, Darren’s work can be heard on Sangita Sounds, Interchill (Canada) , Liquid Sound Design (UK) One World Music (Australia)  & Organic Records (UK) . He features on compilations alongside luminaries such as Greg Hunter, Jah Wobble, Suns of Arqa, Eat Static and Thievery Corporation.

Spiritual Fusion

As a DJ and performer of original, live music he has been fortunate to play at the most prestigious events around the world, including Ozora Festival, Sonica Festival, Boom Festival, Glade Festival, Furthur Festival, and more.

He established Sangita Sounds Acoustic to represent international folk and classical musicians by producing  new recordings to support their works.  Some work has been pure classical or folk and with other musicians they have worked together to create new spiritual fusion music.

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